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Our Instructors

Our photography class instructors are a little bit nerdy, a little bit geeky but one thing they all share is a love for photography and a passion for teaching!  We hire instructors not only based on their photographic experience, but also their ability to communicate and for their infectious enthusiasm!  Every single one of our instructors brings something unique to the world of photography tuition.  We always strive to make our courses fun, hands-on and interactive!

Photography school for beginners Calgary Vancouver Edmonton

Michael Desjardins

Michael is one of our favourite instructors, and takes care of our hands-on Vancouver Photography Classes.  Have a question for Michael? Email him here.

It seems to me I’ve had a camera in my hand since my early teens. I started with film and moved to digital and over the years I’ve had a passion for photography. I started taking pictures of family, friends, sports, landscapes, you name it. It all excited me. After selling cameras for a few years I started as a freelance photographer in 1992 and within a short time had clients in the sports and television world. Over the years my photography has been on covers and in magazines across North America, with clients including Canadian Geographic, Global TV, The Bank of Montreal and The Sporting News. But the underlying driving force has been my love of photography. Digital photography has many things going for it including the instant image on the back of the camera. But photography has one thing that’s most important to me, it’s fun!

You can see Michael’s recent work at www.actionimagephoto.com.

Barbara Rahal

Barbara is one of our favourite instructors, and takes care of our hands-on Edmonton Photography Classes.  Have a question for Barbara? Email her here.

Barb is originally from Santiago, Chile, where she started her career as an artistic nude and portrait photographer. She added commercial and sports photography to her resume in the 90′s when by accident she became an ATP tennis and hockey photographer in Munich, Germany. Barb spent a brief period as a paparazzi photographer whilst also acting as a second photographer for the Munich Barons, who were the DEL Hockey 2000 Cup champions (think Europe’s equivalent of the Stanley Cup!).

The travel bug has taken her around the world several times for both personal adventures and work. In 2001 she decided to take a position with a cruise line, which allowed her to continue to nurture her loves – travel, photography, and teaching! Barb’s Academy at Sea class taught travelers basic photography theory and both basic and advanced techniques to help them improve the quality of their mages with their own cameras. During her cruising years, she not only felt in love with her Canadian man that brought her all the way to the north, but she also discovered her passion for wedding photography.

You can see her recent work at barbararahalphotography.ca or her on Facebook page.

James Lam

James is based out of Calgary but also regularly does photography classes in Edmonton and the surrounding communities. Have a question for James? Email him here.

James Lam is a fully licensed photographer based in Alberta.  He fell into photography career completely by accident.  He originally began his career as a mechanical engineer, and continued to climb the corporate ladder eventually completing his MBA and Masters of Engineering before becoming the director of marketing at a national charity in Australia.

One day on holiday when James was particularly perturbed about work, his best friend was kind enough to start teaching James about SLR photography.  From these humble beginnings, James continued to develop his photography skills till a point where he was passionate and knowledgeable enough to teach others the skills of the trade.

James continues to develop his own techniques and experiments with different facets of photography. His brand new personal photo blog is a work in progress and some of his best work can be found at banalama.tumblr.com.

Glynnis Mutch

Glynnis is a passionate photographic hippie based out of Calgary with an amazing apt for teaching photography classes. Have a question for Glynnis? Email her here.

Glynnis Mutch, a student majoring in photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design, finds her passion for photography in commercial and editorial portraiture and specializing in studio work. She has enjoyed the creative outlet of photography since she was in high school and decided upon graduation to pursue it as her career.

When she was a teenager, Glynnis saved her money in order to buy herself a DSLR after coming to the conclusion that a point and shoot was not suiting her needs. When her mother found out, she refused to allow Glynnis to purchase a new camera until she learned how to use a film SLR as it forced her to employ the manual settings on her camera properly. At the time, Glynnis was exasperated by her mother’s antics, but now as an adult who has made photography her career, she is grateful that her mother provided her with such an important learning experience at such a young age. It is her belief that everyone with the desire to take quality photos must learn about their camera and understand how they are able to manipulate the settings in order to create the best photos they can.

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